Slimming fast – as fast as possible, as much as possible. Best already five kilos in the first week. Without much bells and whistles and background information. Is that what you want?

Every year people have New Year’s resolutions. Live healthier, lose weight quickly and regain the figure I had when I was 18. And every year 90% of all diets fail anew. Meanwhile more than 60% of all Americans are overweight.

Where is the problem? Is it the wrong weight loss advice? Is it the lack of discipline and stamina? And what distinguishes a good diet from a bad one?

The Right Food Diet

  • The right food should be full, tasty, suppress cravings, stimulate the metabolism and maximize fat burning.
  • Avoid cereals and cereal products such as bread, pasta, rice, cornflakes, chips and fast food.
  • Also avoid sugar and anything containing industrial sugar. If you should ever desire (with me it is Nutella), write it on a piece of paper and enjoy it on your Cheat Day (explanation follows).
  • The best carbohydrate sources are the following (you can eat as much as you want): pulses, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and berries.
  • Put rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, margarine and soya oil in the trash and buy a decent olive oil (see article); use organic beef tallow* for frying or, if you like, extra virgin coconut oil (Aldi, DM or Amazon)*.
  • Eat as many vegetables as you can. The more colorful and fresh the vegetables, the better.
  • Eat fruit only after exercise, but don’t overdo it with quantity.
  • If you like muesli, mix one from natural yogurt, linseed, chia seed, protein powder or other protein sources and berries. This muesli is healthy, though less sweet than the sugared junk you usually buy, and it helps you lose weight quickly.
  • The best quality protein powders in the US are Whey* and Collagen* from Primal State.
  • Eat plenty of protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs and some healthy fats. Always make sure everything is natural and you’ll be fine.

Follow these tips as they are sure to help you lose weight quickly and safely.