The effect of coconut oil is not limited to fighting diseases and cosmetic deficits, but is also evident in such profane things as desired weight loss.

Independent studies have repeatedly shown that coconut oil has a regulating effect on the entire energy balance of the body and can therefore contribute to healthy weight loss in the long term. Contrary to the promises of many diets and dietary supplements, no short-term weight loss is realized here, which then falls victim to the dreaded JoJo effect within a short time, but a slow and long-term weight loss.

Does coconut oil help you lose weight?

Two studies conducted in 2009 and 2011 to determine whether the intake of coconut oil can help reduce abdominal fat showed that subjects who ate 30 ml of coconut oil a day had actually lost weight in the abdominal region.

But coconut fat alone is not enough to lose weight. More decisive is a long-term change in diet with more exercise and a higher energy consumption. The diet containing medium-chain fats can activate food-induced thermogenesis, i.e. increased energy consumption. However, a study by a group of specialists showed that this effect was not decisive.

The study has reviewed the results of various studies investigating the intake of medium-chain fats such as coconut oil with regard to obesity. It was found that MCT can contribute to a reduction in body weight and body fat. However, these were short-term studies with some weaknesses in their implementation.

For example, the studies used different amounts of medium-chain fatty acids, the study groups were quite small, and there was no evidence of diet and exercise behaviour of subjects that might influence weight loss.

How to integrate coconut oil into your everyday life

How can the miracle cure be integrated into everyday life and diet? It’s very easy, as our tips show. So that coconut oil can really unfold its full effect, it is important to buy natural coconut oils, also known as “Virgin Coconut Oil” (VCO). These are available in health food shops, organic food shops, in the organic supermarket or online. The native coconut oils cost no more than a good olive oil. Attention: Simple, hardened coconut oil is unsuitable! The addition “Extra native” is important. You can also buy oils in Asian shops. They are often cheaper, but the quality is usually not tested.

Roast: Coconut oil tolerates high temperatures

For pan-fried dishes or for frying meat, one teaspoon of oil is sufficient. Just let it heat up in the pan. The oil becomes liquid very quickly. Then cook as usual. Since the oil tolerates very high temperatures well, it is suitable very well for sizzling.

Cooking: Use as a substitute for butter

Whether for mashed potatoes or for refining pasta: Whenever butter would be used, coconut oil can be used. If you like, you can replace the entire amount of butter with coconut oil or just a part if you want to maintain a fine butter taste.